Punina Maria

Participation in events NCCA:
[The Word As An Artist's Tool]
Book presentation, one-day exhibition. 2013. Coordinator.
[Dialogue With Technogeneous Reality]
Exhibition project. 2013. Coordinator.
Sound art project. 2013. Coordinator.
Interactive play. 2013. Coordinator.
[John Cage. Silent Presence]
Music festival. 2012. Coordinator.
[The Sonic Screen. Retrospective of Svyatoslav Chekin Films]
Video screening, discussion. 2012. Curator.
[John Cage. The Silent Presence]
Exhibition. 2012. Coordinator.
[John Cage Experiments And Its Context]
Exhibition. 2012. Coordinator.
[Snuff-Box. Opera-simulacrum]
Performance. 2012. Moderator.
[Music of the Book. RussiaGermany/Austria]
Exhibition project. 2012. Coordinator.
[We Speak of Music. A Play by Viktor Alimpiyev and Marian Junin]
Public talk, discussion, video show. 2012. Moderator.
[Sound Optics]
Exhibition. 2012. Coordinator.
[Christian Lebrat. In Multimedia Strategies Space]
Public talk, lecture. 2012. Coordinator.
Visual-acoustic installation. 2012. Coordinator.
[Paper Theatre of Yasha Kazhdan]
Workshop, discussion. 2011. Curator.
[Hexagram laboratory of art and technology (Montreal, Canada)]
Presentation, video show. 2011. Participant.
[Paper age]
Exhibition. 2011. Coordinator.
[Future of paper (International project on Artists Book) Russia/Ukraine]
Project presentation, video show, exposition. 2011. Coordinator.
[D.A. Prigov. Commemoration meeting]
Memorial evening, exhibition, video show. 2011. Coordinator.
[EQUINOX - Ravnodenstvie. For the 85-anniversary of John Coltrane]
Lecture, video show, concert. 2011. Coordinator.
[Third Prigov readings]
Conference. 2011. Moderator.
[Sons of the sea (Seasons). England-Russia (International project on artist's book)]
Project presentation, video show, exposition. 2011. Coordinator.
[Project presentation Morton Feldman and Co]
Public talk. 2011. Coordinator.
[Performance and theatre]
Discussion. 2011. Participant.
[Prigov: Assembly point]
Exhibition. 2010. Coordinator.
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