Visual-acoustic installation

01.06 - 02.08.2012, 19:00-19:00

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: Komnata Gallery (Neglinnaya St. 29/14)

Curators: [Vitaly Patsyukov], [Alexey Tregubov]

Coordinators: [Maria Punina], [Aliya Berdigaliyeva]

Project author: Sergey Katran

Participants: Vyacheslav Ivanov, Sergey Yepishev, Evgeny Korolev, Fyodor Lavrov, Daniil Gozhy, Dmitry Kolyazin, Anastasia Mikhailova, Sergey Katran, Margarita Ivanova, Valery Ushakov, Abaz Ube, Yegor Markushov, Maxim Semyonov, Sergey Yakovlev, Roman Markin, Sergey Klimas, Nikita Kokshanov, Sofia Vasina

Sergey Katran's art is on the borderline between theater, performance and video art. The artist develops the integrity of the main strategies of visual culture by forming a new art circle. The Open! project is a specific model of this visual philosophy.

This project was developed by Sergey Katran as a performance installation with its main imagery consisting of staircase doors with video screens. The audience finds itself inside an apartment, looking onto the staircase through the spyhole to observe the situations unraveling in front of the door. The installation consists of 12 doors and 12 video clips of scenes in front of each door.

Organizers: NCCA, School of Contemporary Play Theater

Co-organizer: Komnata Gallery. Project by Theatre “School of Modern Drama”

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