Mikhail Schwartzman. Master. School. Students.


03.08 - 19.08.2012

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Curator: [Joseph Kiblitsky]

Coordinators: [Maria Punina], [Dmitry Gorokhov]

Participants: [Mikhail Schwartzman], [Valery Bashenin], [Dmitry Gorokhov], [Nikita Medvedev], [Dmitry Komissarov], [Vladimir Teplukhin], [Gennady Spirin], [Mikhail Fedorov], [Anatoly Chashchinsky]

Co-organizers: The State Russian Museum, Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum, Schwartzman Foundation

Opening on August 2, 7 pm
Round table: September 4, 7 pm

The exhibition examines the phenomenon of the “art school” in contemporary art using the example of the famous Russian avant-garde artist Mikhail Schwartzman (1926-1997), who was an outstanding representative of the Second Wave of the Russian avant-garde. The system proposed by Mikhail Schwartzman first of all reflected the philosophy the Teacher’s art and his profoundly individual interpretation of the world. A continuous dialogue between the Master and students plays a special role in his method.

In his works, the artist turned to the complex philosophical and religious aspects of life and created, as he himself believed, a unique “non-verbal language of the third millennium”. In the non-objective structures of his works Schwartzman revealed metamorphoses of life in the Universe. He called his works “hieratures”, and his vision “hieratism” taking this term from the ancient Greek hieros, meaning “sacred”, “symbolic”. In 1975, Schwartzman organized a “Hieratic School” of painting with a group of students, which over the years included Valery Bashenin, Dmitry Gorokhov, Dmitry Komissarov, Nikita Medvedev, Gennady Spirin, Vladimir Teplukhin, Mikhail Fedorov and Anatoly Chashchinsky.

The exhibition will give viewers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative world of the School and trace the evolution of Schwartzman’s ideas of philosophy in his followers’ art.

The exhibition will include a round table, where the catalog for “Mikhail Schwartzman. Master. School. Students.” published by the Russian Museum will be presented.

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