Moving Pictures

The “Moving Pictures” workshop offers integrated creative development for children and teenagers based on animation technologies. The main goal is to give children the opportunity to take the first step from simple consumption of images and meanings presented on screen to creating their own works, introduce the contemporary audiovisual culture in all its diversity, demonstrate the rich possibilities of this language, cultivate a taste for creative search and experiment.

Students are offered to show various creative talents (writing texts, creating images, sound, directing) and create original creative projects in the format of “motion picture” on the basis of audiovisual technologies. The program of the workshop develops the skills of project thinking and stipulates the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for further education in the field and independent creative process.

In class students learn about screen motion and time, the basics of stop-motion technique, computer graphics and the expressiveness of sound, try various graphic and animation techniques. The result of each season is a series of short animation works.

Classes are held twice a week in two groups:
1) Beginners group: first and second year, basics of “moving pictures”
2) Project group: third year and above, work on thematic projects. Main project this year: “The Workshop that Never was” – using elements of theory and practice of the Bauhaus school.



Other works are here


Workshop coordinator: Andrey Suzdalev

Classes are held September through May (breaking for winter holidays) in regular groups of no more than 10, once a week
Age groups: 9 – 11 (beginners group), 11 – 15 (project group)

Thursdays 17:00 – 19:00 (beginners group) – from September 10, 2015
Tuesdays 17:00 – 20:00 (project group) – from September 8, 2015

Monthly pass (4 classes) – 2 000 RUR
Reduced fee for children from large families and children without parental care – 1 000 RUR
One-time fee – 600 RUR
For disabled children – free

Additional information and registration:
Andrey Suzdalev +7 (906) 763-42-10

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