Future of paper (International project on Artists Book) Russia/Ukraine

Project presentation, video show, exposition

14.11.2011, 19:00 Monday

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Included in: [Paper age]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Curators: [Mikhail Pogarsky], [Anastasia Denisenko]

Coordinator: [Maria Punina]

Valery Orlov. In memory of Kazimir Malevich, 2003.
Handmade paper, photo pigment printing, collage

As part of the exhibition «Paper time» and «12+12» international program by Triangular Whell Studio

Actually throughout the whole history of culture (with the exception of the Internet era) it was the paper which made it possible to make cultural exchange and to overcome not only spatial, but also political barriers. Today these functions are appropriated be the Internet.

In this project we want to pay tribute to one of the most important and essential art materials. This is a kind of attempt to reveal the soul of the paper, to show its hidden features, to touch the ancient magic of its production, to plunge into the warm space of a paper world. Perhaps just one sheet created by the artist may change the future of the paper.

Russia: Vasily Vlasov (Moscow), Victor Goppe (Moscow), Igor Zadera (Moscow), Alexander Lavrentyev (Moscow), Ekaterina Lavrentyeva (Moscow), Alexey Maltsev (Krasnodar), Natalya and Pavel Martynenko (Krasnodar), Kira Matissen (Moscow), Mikhail Pogarsky (Krasnogorsk), Irina Presnetsova (Moscow), Mikhail Roshnyak (Moscow), Alexander Svirsky (Sovetskoe Runo)
Ukraine: Agrafka Workshop (Lviv), Katherina Bruevich (Kiev), VAL Art Association (Kiev), Vika and Vita Lopukhin (Kiev), Pavel Makov (Kharkiv), Rutha (Kiev), Anatole Stepanenko (Irpen), Julia Tabenskaya (Kamenetz-Podolsky), Olena Tikhonyuk (Kiev), Olena Turyanskaya (Lviv), Nastia Shigaeva (Kiev), Fedor Shulga (Kiev)

Organizers: NCCA, Desing-studio "Triangular wheel"

Co-organizer: The State Museum of Book and Publishing (Kiev)

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