Sons of the sea (Seasons). England-Russia (International project on artist's book)

Project presentation, video show, exposition

14.12.2011, 19:00 Wednesday

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Curators: [Sarah Bodman], [Mikhail Pogarsky]

Coordinator: [Maria Punina]

Participants: Eilis Kirby, Irina Prestnetsova, Hazel Grainger, Alexej Parygin, Guy Begbie, Konstantin Kalendarev, Paul Laidler, Alexandr Lavrentiev, Cath Fairgreave, Dmitry Babenko, Sarah Bodman, Grigory Katsnelson, Danny Flynn, Alexey Konoplev, Natalie McGrorty, Svetlana Koroleva, Angie Butler, Mikhail Pogarsky, Andrew Eason, Konstantin Sutiagin, Stephen Fowler, Ekaterina Lavrentieva, Malcolm Turner, Dmitry Sayenko

As part of the international program «12+12» by Triangular Wheel Studio

The notion of time is often become a leading visual and conceptual theme in modern art strategies. This project is a kind of art-study of the seasons, an artistic attempt to reveal new aspects of every season, every month, and of our origins.

All universal systems state that life originated from the deep sea, so we always remain the «children of the sea». The seasons change our mood and our mood affects the creative work and therefore also depends on the seasons, depends on the sea...

Organizers: NCCA, Triangular Wheel Studio

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