Hexagram laboratory of art and technology (Montreal, Canada)

Presentation, video show

26.09.2011, 19:00 Monday

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Program: [Creative Workshops]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Participants: [Leonid Bazhanov], [Irina Gorlova], [Karina Karaeva], [Maria Punina], [David St-Onge]

Hexagram CI AM – Inter-University Centre for Media Arts in Montreal – is a public institution, working on interdisciplinary projects that combine art, music and the advanced technology. David St-Onge, an «artistengineer », who works in design-lab «NXI Gestatio» in the Centre Hexagram CI AM will present the selected video program produced in the Centre.

Among the major projects held by David St-Onge – there is a engineering design of the two museums in Montreal and of the «Love» program for the Cirque du Soleil. David worked on joint projects together with famous artists, including Nicholas Reeves and Stelarc.

The video-program consisting of 10 films represents a wide range of projects implemented by various authors and groups from many countries at the Hexagram – there are multimedia performances, concerts, videoinstallations with the impressive level of high technology.


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