Performance and theatre


04.04.2011, 19:00-21:00 Monday

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Program: [Creative Workshops]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Participants: [Natalya Goncharova], [Philipp Grigoryan], [Marina Davydova], [Liza Morozova], [Maria Punina], [Irina Uvarova ]

Absentee polemics between performance art and theater exists for a long time. And very often when performer thinks about how to plan one or another pageant he looks back at theaters practice. And vice versa, theater directors knowing the history of performance include its elements into there performance. One of the meeting's aims is to clarify the nature of action in performance art and theater. Performance fragments will be shown and actions of famous Polish director Jerzy Grotowski and Viennese actioner Hermann Nitsch, Dmitry Krymov's Laboratory, Engineering theatre AXE, Liquid Theatre, discussions with theorists and practitioners of theatre and performance art will be a part of the meeting.

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