Project presentation Morton Feldman and Co

Public talk

21.12.2011, 19:00 Wednesday

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Coordinator: [Maria Punina]

Participants: [Nikolay Shtock], [Maya Frolova], [Dmitry Kavko], [Vladimir Martynov], [Vitaly Patsyukov]

Pressentation of the composition «Morton Feldman. Quartet 2» by Opus Posth ensemble (Directed by Tatiana Grindenko)

Morton Feldman was born on January, 12, 1926 in New-York. His music combines the two leading artistic trends of the second half of twentieth century – abstract expressionism and minimalism, stressing thus the unity of the artistic mind of our time.

Morton Feldman's sound culture enters into the dialogue with the text and image culture. It requires a specific spatial conditions, where its structures are able to reveal their acoustic meanings.

The project «Morton Feldman and Co» examines the composer's work in the visual context of his music, full of associations and thoughts about the culture of the early post-modernism. The project is interdisciplinary in its nature, including images of art by Rothko, Pollock and Beckett. The integral connection of musical ideas by Morton Feldman, its acoustic implementation and visual imagery demonstrates the integrity of contemporary culture, revealing its roots in proto-conceptualism.

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