To Touch The Sky


18.05.2018, 22:00-23:20 Friday

Kseniia Galkina (Russia) / #IAMAHOLOGRAM, 2016

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Free admission

Place: Baltic Branch of NCCA (Courtyard of Kronprinz Barracks, 38 Litovsky val)

Curator: Viktoriya Ilyushkina

Organizers: Baltic Branch of NCCA

THE CYFEST 11 DIGITAL VIDEO PROGRAM is curated selection of video art works via open call, in various innovative genres: animated gifs, net art, 3D and stop-motion animation, cinema 4D, mockumentary and performance art, gaming, digital collage, and experimental films. The program features Russian artists from Petersburg and Moscow. The open-air screening will take place during the Night of Museums in Kaliningrad.

Flights of fancy of humanity, dreams of fame, instantaneous movement, high above the clouds and to other planets – all these things are practically a reality today. Our thoughts and feelings have moved to digital clouds, to computers and gadgets. Our bodies exist in impossibly tall towers, in deserts, in conditions that were previously impossible for life, in space; and consciousness moves across the world without hinderance. Two worlds: the real and the virtual are irrevocably intertwined, and can no longer be separated. What used to be unimaginable becomes reality!

Viktoriya Ilyushkina, curator

List of works:

Tanya Akhmetgalieva (Russia) / Need to wake up, 2016

Alexander Borisov (Russia) / Clouds, 2017

Alexander Borisov (Russia) / Particles Party (fragment), 2017

Kseniia Galkina (Russia) / #IAMAHOLOGRAM, 2016

Ben Grosser (USA) / Touching Software (House of Cards), 2016

Elena Gubanova & Ivan Govorkov (Russia) / World Famous!, 2017

Dagnini (Russia) / Esc/BSoD_1993, 2017

Alexander Dupuis (USA) / three paths, 2017

Andrey Kasay (Russia) / Seems, 2017

Egor Kraft, Pekka Tynkkynen, Alina Kvirkveliya & Karina Golubenko (Finland-Russia) / Air Kiss, 2017

Ariane Loze (Belgium) / Subordination, 2015

Greg Marshall (Canada) / Drone, 2016

Eden Mitsenmacher with Rebecca Tritschler (Netherlands) / How To Turn Your Bed Into An Office, 2017

Jean-Michel Rolland (France) / The Partisan, 2017

Mark Cypher (Australia) / Biogram, 2017

Alexander Senko (Russia) / Points of inflection, 2015

Andréa Stanislav (USA) / Half a Generation, 2011

Kuesti Fraun (Germany) / SMARTER USER, 2016

Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai (Russia) / New Versal (fragment), 2016

AUJIK (Sweden) / Spatial Bodies, 2016

Maxim Svishyov (Russia) / Tsvetasis, 2017

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