Baltic Branch of NCCA


Federal state cultural institution, special structural subdivision of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow)

Founded in 1997 as an outpost of NCCA-Moscow, Baltic Branch of NCCA is the only organisation in Kaliningrad region working directly in the field of contemporary art. Its mission is to support and popularize Russian contemporary art in the international art context by realizing programs and exhibitions both at home and abroad, and also through research, education, publishing and collecting.

The Baltic branch puts a special emphasis on the unique strategies practiced by artists and curators, their manifestation and promotion within contemporary society; it also enables the audience to familiarize itself with the contemporary artistic process.

BB NCCA received a right to use the tower and a number of mansard spaces of the Kronprinz barracks – a historical and cultural monument of the XIXth century – in order to locate there a state museum of contemporary art. At the moment reconstruction and restoration works carried out with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation are in progress. The opening of the exhibition space at the mansard (1445 m2) is planned for 2017.

The main programs of BB NCCA include “Heritage in Actual Context”, “Contemporary Art and Modern Society”, “Art in Public Space”, “Art and Science in the Post-biological Age”, “Sound and Video: Feedback”, “Artist-in-residence”, the exhibition program “On the mansard”, the educational program “Art Classics” and the publishing program pH.

BB NCCA’s projects are regularly nominated for the annual Russian Contemporary Art Award “Innovation” (Moscow): “9000km” (curator: Evgeny Umansky), “Art guide: Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad today” (curator: Elena Tsvetaeva), video installation by Yury Vassiliev “Our father” (curators: Elena Tsvetaeva, Evgeny Umansky) and the sociocultural project “Artist and arms” (curator: Evgeny Umansky). BB NCCA received the award three times: in 2009, for a project “Evolution haute couture. Art and science in the post-biological age” (curators: Dmitry Bulatov, Oleg Blyablyas) in the category “Regional contemporary art project”, in the same category in 2011 for a project “Enclave” realized with CCA “Ujazdowski Castle” (Warsaw, Poland) (curators: Irina Tchesnokova, Evgeny Umansky, Ewa Gorządek, Stach Szabłowski), and in a 2014 for a second part of anthology “Evolution haute couture. Art and science in the post-biological age” (editor: Dmitry Bulatov) in the category “Art Theory and Criticism”.

In 2005 the video installation by Yury Vassiliev “Grove” (Russian Red project, curator: Evgeny Umansky) won the contest “A changing museum in a changing world” for the best presentation of the image of Russia.

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