The Caucasus Pavilion

The Unbound

Exhibition of collection, exhibition of observation The association which is extremely ironically named The Unbound has been collecting items systemlessly for a long time. Writers, artists, historians, musicians, curators and even non-professional people independently put together a network for exchanging information. During the exchange of images, video clips, observations on popular culture and urban legends, a kind of collection of images and testimony on as yet unknown forms of life came together. The project’s authors could not but paid attention to the venue for this year’s Moscow Biennale — VDNKh. From here comes the idea to create an exhibition pavilion according to the principle of national representation. On this occasion, the aesthetic of excess and palaces, typical of the architecture of VDNKh, takes on a comic character and retreats inside the pavilion. Such an approach also plays with the Caucasian love of “quoting palaces” and showing neighbours a exaggerated prosperity, which will be one of the themes of the exhibition. The other point is the anthropological focus of the exhibition. This exhibition is dedicated to ordinary people and their everyday existence, day-to-day rituals. The exhibition presents a collection of artefacts and observations. Some are found objects, others are the result of dialogue with the inhabitants of the region — shoe repairers, furniture makers, interior designers, taxi drivers, professional fighters, and many, many others.

Current project opens up a cut of the existence which was not identified up to this day, it has always been somewhere nearby but never became an objective subject




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