Pasha 183. Our Work Is a Feat!

Polina Borisova, Kirill 'Kto' Lebedev

Pasha 183. Our work is a feat!, curated by Polina Borisova, Kirill Kto, and architect Sergey Sitar, is the first project in which museum space and street art joined forces to highlight the work of a particular artist. The spray-painted murals by Pasha 183 were just a part of the whole story. Graffiti was the artist’s medium of choice at the beginning of his career, back in 2002. However, the works on display enabled the spectator to see some other facets of street art that Pasha 183 brought to light later in his career, e.g. monumental installations using light and optical effects. The works of Pacha 183 address such issues as the dominant role of industry in modern society; tackiness and commercialization (Industry, Alionka); loneliness (Locked Up), and ways of stepping out of the comfort zone (To Those Who Set the Bridges on Fire: A Dedication). Marking the anniversary of the August Coup of 1991, Pasha 183 transformed the glass doors of the Moscow Metro into the images of riot police officers (Truth on Truth – 19/8/91 – a Reminder). To pay homage to the victims and heroes pertinent to the Great Patriotic War, the artist projected the image of a 1945 gun salute on to a wall (The V-Day). The exhibition consisted of reconstructed street installations, photographs of murals and objects, and paintings made by Pasha 183 during the last years of his career. The exhibition also comprised documentaries and TV broadcasts. Some were made by the artist, others are a joint effort. For the duration of the exhibition, museum halls were designed to look like extensions of the street environment featuring its usual props: snow, bus stops, telephone booths, CCTV cameras, and steel fences.

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