Petr Belyi, Alexander Terebenin

Signal is a site-specific project that integrated works by more than 50 artists into the structure of an abandoned design bureau. Two thousand square meters were turned into an encyclopedia of contemporary art of St. Petersburg. The title is on the one hand a tribute to Signal design bureau, and on the other a passing event, exploring the state of the independent art scene.

Artists of various generations entered a saturated space and, if the older ones found a familiar nostalgic atmosphere, the younger ones unaffected by Soviet memories tried to detect signs of hope in the inexplicable ruination. During the constantly changing display, inter-generational juxtapositions and interdisciplinary, notional blocs emerged and disintegrated, as if creating a living model of contemporary art.

Signal exhibition was a characteristic example of a contemporary artist-led initiative, where trust between participants was a matter of principle, and the result was an idea of the original freedom and unpredictability of art.

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