Unfinished Project

Evgeny Granilshchikov

Unfinished Project consists of three films united by common themes such as perception of time, characters, and unclear relations between the document and the filming.

Courbet's Funeral is a collage-film where video poetry, documentary and fiction are absorbed and mixed together, creating multilayer associations connected with personal and national history. Everyday life and politics are in the center of attention. Snapshots give place to acting and performance, so the viewer can hardly distinguish one from another.

In Unfinished Film, modern history remains in focus all the time, with special attention to detail and its everyday rituals. The film is shot without a script, by chance, using direct point of view, long shot, interspersing of long and short episodes, and uneven rhythm. In this film, there is no classical narrative: it is as if it was assembled from accidental scenes having no unambiguous links between them. We never get to know where the characters are heading, but we can see how an obscure sense of anxiety underlines all their actions and movements.

Untitled (Reenactment) is the sequel that further blurs the line between fiction and documentary. In the finale, we discover that this short film is a monologue reenactment, where the main character breaks her role by pronouncing a text, which is a political comment.

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