Outer Green

Urban Fauna Lab (Alex Buldakov, Anastasia Potemkina)

Urban Fauna Lab is conceived as an interdisciplinary platform to explore parasitic and symbiotic relationships that occur between humans, animals, and plants in the urban environment. Such urban parasites as pigeons and rats, common nettles and dandelions are simultaneously in conflict with, and the product of the city’s cultural environment. Staying at the periphery of public attention, they occupy new territories, delimit and occupy environments, or take over the empty spaces which emerge out of urban renovation and development, and serve as metaphors for the evolution of any expansive form of life.

Outer Green offers an unusual approach to the artistic exploration of urban space, as it studies weeds and parasitic animals that remain on the margins of human existence in the city. The marginal and the unrecognized symbolize natural life here, and mark the borderline between culture and nature. In their post-conceptual approach, the artists have found an original form for their research, incorporating elements from a research laboratory, a natural history museum, and a flower shop – all this plays nicely with the context of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre and its history.

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