MediaImpact - 2nd International Festival of Activist Art

The project was created by a group of authors moderated by Tatiana Volkova

MediaImpact is an international project intended to learn, articulate, document, support and develop activist art. MediaImpact Festival is based on the principle of self-organization of the working group of artists, activists, art critics, and philosophers and built as BarCamp, an informal user-generated conference. This includes assemblies, exhibitions, presentations, lectures, workshops, discussions, publishing activities, dramatic readings, concerts, video screenings, residencies, joint campaigns, and theoretical laboratory. There were several exhibitions held in Moscow as part of MediaImpact, namely: Dutch Protest Museum (special project of the 5th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art), Feminist Pencil 2, samizdat exhibition, exhibition of street stencils, exhibition In the Name of Bread and Freedom held by sex-workers with the support of 'Silver Rose' organization, Feminist Kitchen and Echoes of War exhibitions. Pieces of work dedicated to 'Migration', 'Prisoners', and 'Self-organization' were presented, as well as open-call results and journalism contest In the Name of Humane Drug Policy! within the Drug Phobia project, and alternative award Russian Activist Art 2013, workshop of social comics, creative activism laboratory workshop named The Yes Lab, Queer section, Crypto evening, free market of arts, workshop Logics of Social Exclusion, and so on.

MediaImpact 2nd International Festival of Activist Art is a unique cultural phenomenon. During the short period of its existence, the project showed the development of activist art in Russia and became an innovative platform for dialogue between artists, curators, philosophers, and representatives of different political groups. Archived pieces of work of foreign activist artists were also presented as part of the project, which helped many participants and visitors of the exhibition to reconsider the Russian political context.

Working team of the festival: Victoria Begalskaya, Alexander Bidin, Green, Alex Iorsh, Maria Kalinina, Matvei Krylov (Skif), Artem Loskutov, Victoria Lomasko, Anton Polsky (Make), Pavel Mitenko, Denis Mustafin, Anton Nikolaev, Anya Sarang, Oksana Sarkisyan, Seroe-Fioletovoe (Gray Violet), Joulia Strauss, Tatiana Sushenkova, Ilya Falkovski, Vlad Chiezhenkov, Igor Chubarov, Daria Vorujubivaeva, Evgueniya Zubchenko. Curators of special projects: Katya Sokolova, Victoria Lomasko and Nadya Plungian. Moderator: Tatiana Volkova.

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