No Water Tomorrow

Alexey Maslyaev

A project by Alexey Maslyaev brought artists together for an observation of contemporary approach to the definition of “ritual” and its’ relevance for everyday life today. The authors attempted at picking to pieces the fabric of social relations: “detangling” personal and collective dimensions of “rituals of interactions”. The intrinsic motives behind our decisions are correlated with perception of others' reactions towards us. Acting like a sort of braces for symbolic order of social life, they require actions to be ritualized. So that we would be able to be conscious of self as viewed by other people. Because hardly anyone wants to constantly feel unsure, not knowing whether he or she is doing the right thing. The artists reflected on a range of topics. The one thing common here is the “groping” after the level between impersonal structures and individual actions: To what extent can we feel clear of instructions and behavioral standards we never chose? For while the social reality is a constantly developing product of everyday communications, the social space is above all a probabilistic space of meanings.

Concept and explications for works formed an 11-page curatorial text, where letters on the other side of pages combined into the name of the project. Visitors could take any explication from the wall and so create their own DIY-catalogues.

On the one hand, the exhibition offered the viewer deep and comprehensive analysis of the conceptual component connected with the idea of «ritual», its relevance in the current social and cultural context. In the same time the display was not «a highly specialized material» for professionals, it was based on the emotional experience manifestations of life and understandable for any attentive viewer. On the other hand, the exhibition united a convincing statements and researches of the artists, who have expanded the thematic field of interpretations. According to Valentin Diaconov, "...the curator managed to do two important things: firstly, to arrange the productive coexistence of different generations of artists (from Mikhail Tolmachev to Avdei Ter-Oganyan), secondly, to include in the exhibition not only artists, but also an experimental theatre, which has really expanded sensation ranges."

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