Elena Selina

Reconstruction is one of the first attempts to interpret Moscow art life from 1990 to 2000. This was a crucial period and one of unprecedented intensity. It saw the heyday of actionism and important group exhibitions at non-commercial spaces and galleries, which sprang up almost simultaneously and immediately became venues for experiment, enabling strategies and practices that were new to Moscow to be shown and developed. This was the decade when contemporary art in Russia was legalized and catapulted forward – a very special time. The exhibition covered activities of 13 Moscow galleries and included authentic works and installations as well as reconstructed ones.

A large-scale research constituting an exhibition-document of those days that appear to be, for many active participants of the artistic process (including institutional ones), the structural recollection and the time of formation of their artistic activity. The project not only reconstructs the situation that presents the history of the modern art of the new country through the key stages of operation of private institutes, but also demonstrates vividly the oeuvre of the artists themselves who participate in the process. The correlation between the visual and archive materials in the project was embodied in publication of a catalogue and realization of a wide lecture program. The exhibition helps to analyze and popularize the modern Russian art, to understand the origins and unique features of the local art stage. This approach to the research of the modern Russian art must and will, without doubt, continue in the future.

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