Leonid Sokov: Point of View

Andrey Erofeyev

Leonid Sokov’s name is tightly linked with the conception and development of the Sots Art movement, which inspires Russian artists for many decades starting from the early 1970s; his sculptural dialogues of signs became the hallmark of this movement. The artist puts face to face various representations of Soviet and Western civilizations. The encounters of Marilyn Monroe and Stalin, Giacometti’s “Walking Man” and a typical monument of Lenin, folk wooden toys and imperial fasces within the space of one artwork reveal the geopolitical conflict of cultures in the 20th century, the polarized perception and ‘double-thinking’ of modern man. The element of humor allows the audience to see the world in a different dimension, for a short time liberating people from subservience of authorities and cults. The exhibition of Leonid Sokov’s works at MMOMA spanned the main stages of the creative evolution of the master, from 1970 to 2010, exemplified by 130 works from numerous private and museum collections from around the world. Most of the artist’s works, above all his paintings, have never been exhibited in Moscow.

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