Nominees of the Competition in "New Generation" Nomination

[Volga] Aslan Gaisumov
City: Grozny. Full HD color video, 04.11 min, Chechnya, 2015
[Neopetersburg] Leonid Tskhe
City: St. Petersburg. Series of works of painting of 11 pieces. canvas, oil, pencil, spray paint, oil pastel. Series of graphic sheets of 9 pieces - paper, ink, feather. And 20 pieces - paper, pencil, oil pastel.
[Pool] Polina Kanis
City: Moscow
[Total Display] Yan Tamkovich
City: Moscow. Installation that includes folded cardboard objects, photo wallpaper, display podium, carpet flooring, media discourse.
[“War (Untitled)”] Evgeny Granilshchikov
City: Moscow. Installation: collage, drawing, photography, mixed media.

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