Nailya Allakhverdieva

Graduated from Moscow High School of Social and Economic Sciences, and the Urals Federal University. Art historian, curator, well-known expert in integrating contemporary art into urban landscape and public spaces. Member of the Association of Cultural Managers of Russia. Her exhibition of contemporary Kazakh art, Face of the Bride, won Sergey Kuryokhin Prize as Best Curatorial Project.

In 1999-2005, she was director of the Ural Branch of the NCCA. Since 1999, works with public art projects including such widely known ones as Long Stories of Ekaterinburg festival. Since 2010, is head of the first public art program in Russia carried on by PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art. In four years of the program running, over 100 art objects were created that changed the urban landscape of Perm.

Apart from public art initiatives, she sometimes acts as exhibition and design curator. Her most successful endeavors include Transit Zone (street art exhibition in Perm, 2014), I Love P (design project working with the logo of Perm, shown in Perm, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Tallinn, 2011-2012), Faces of Streets (exhibition in Perm, 2012), Space of Direction festival (2012-2013), and many more.

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