Dmitry Galkin

Born in Omsk in 1975. In 2002, obtained his PhD from the Chair of Theory and History of Culture at Tomsk State University. Studies the issues of technological advancements in contemporary visual practices, and some cultural and political aspects of art in today’s society.

Has published several works on the theory and history of digital culture in international research magazines and collected papers. In 2013, his monograph Digital Culture: Horizons of Artificial Life was published. Has given lectures and presentations at various conferences, symposia, and congresses.

Worked as researcher at George Washington University (USA), the University of California (USA) and Lancaster University (UK). Collaborates with American Society for Cybernetics (Washington D.C.), is permanent member of the European Meeting for Cybernetics and System Research (EMCSR, Vienna).

Actively participates in projects of regional cultural development. In 2010-2012, was board member of the Department of Culture of Tomsk Region. Currently is associate professor at the Institute for Arts and Culture of Tomsk State University and curator at the Siberian Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts.

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