INNOVATION Prize is the first and most important award for contemporary visual art
in Russia.

INNOVATION Prize, the All-Russian Competition in Contemporary Visual Art, was founded in 2005.

The Competition is organized by the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
with the support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.


The Competition’s aims are to promote and support artists working in contemporary visual practices, identify the main creative achievements, and raise public awareness in major processes in Russian contemporary art.

Applications for INNOVATION Prize competition are submitted in five nominations:
• “Work of Visual Art”;
• “Curatorial Project”;
• “Art Theory and Criticism”;
• “Regional Project of Contemporary Art”;
• “New Generation”.

Also, prizes in two out-of-competition nominations are awarded annually:
• “For the Creative Contribution to the Development of Contemporary Art”;
• “For the Support of Russian Contemporary Art”.

The right to submit applications for INNOVATION Prize resides with non-profit organizations working in the field of art and culture, and members of the Organizing Committee, Jury,
and Expert Committee of the Competition. Projects executed during the current calendar year
can be submitted for the competition. There should be at least one citizen of the Russian Federation among the authors and participants of each project.

All applications submitted for the competition are subject to two-stage selection:
• first, the Expert Committee selects five best projects in each nomination, and these projects
are shown at the nominees’ exhibition at the NCCA; 
• then, the Jury names the winners of the prize and the laureates in out-of-competition nominations.

Members of the Expert Committee (15 people) and Jury (7 people) of the competition are leading Russian and international specialists in contemporary art, working independently or in non-profit organizations. Members of the Expert Committee and Jury of INNOVATION Prize change annually.

The gala awards ceremony of INNOVATION Prize is annually hosted by one of major venues
in Moscow.

INNOVATION Prize winners receive special prizes, monetary awards, and diplomas.
amounts to three million rubles, which is distributed across nominations
in the following way:
• “Work of Visual Art” — 800 000 rubles;
• “Curatorial Project” — 500 000 rubles;
• “Art Theory and Criticism” — 500 000 rubles;
• “Regional Project of Contemporary Art” — 400 000 rubles;
• “New Generation” — 200 000 rubles;
• “For the Creative Contribution to the Development of Contemporary Art” — 600 000 rubles.
Laureates in the out-of-competition nomination “For the Support of Russian Contemporary Art” receive special prizes and diplomas; monetary awards are not provided.

Download the Statute of the Competition (PDF)

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