Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Sweden)

b. 1956

Since the end of the 70s, Hausswolff has worked as a composer and as a conceptual visual artist working with performance art, light and sound installations and photography. Sound experimentalist and musician Carl Michael von Hausswolff is considered one of the leading figures in the field of radical sound performance. As an artist and curator, he has also been concerned with borderline situations in everyday life and in the field of culture for over two decades. Hausswolff himself operates with various media. He experimented with radio frequencies, for example, and used the tape recorder as his favorite documentation and sound weapon until well into the 1990's. Parallel to this he conducted studies with the sound of simple sinus vibrations, gradually transferring to work with DAT tapes, sampler and laptop. His installations with technical industrial elements from semi-public life raise questions about the core of communication.


JG Thirlwell (USA)

JG Thirlwell is a composer/producer/performer based in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he studied art at Melbourne State College for two years before moving to London in 1978. He was inspired by the post-punk explosion of creativity in the UK which engendered the accessibility of DIY, as well as the writings of John Cage and systems music, among other things. Since 1973 JG Thirlwell has lived and worked in NY.
Thirlwell’s discography is extensive under many pseudonyms including Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia, Baby Zizanie, Wiseblood, Clint Ruin and others. Thirlwell’s oeuvre stretches the gamut from orchestrations, big band, cathartic noise-rock to abstract electronics and sound sculpture, chamber music, serial music and imaginary soundtracks. In recent years, he has been increasingly interested electronically and sample generated music being re-scored for traditional instrumentation – played both conventionally and not (recent examples include performing with a chamber ensemble version of Manorexia). Thirlwell is also a member of the “freq_out” sound-art collective, who create on-site sound and light installations (curator: Carl Michael Von Hausswolf). In addition, Thirlwell scores “The Venture Brothers”, a cartoon show on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.

Jana Winderen (NOR)

Jana Winderen is an artist educated in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London, and with a background in mathematics and chemistry from the University in Oslo. Since 1993 she has worked as an artist, curator and producer. She currently lives and works in Oslo.
Jana Winderen researches the hidden depths with the latest technology; her work reveals the complexity and strangeness of the unseen world beneath. She is concerned with finding sound from hidden sources, using blind field recording. Her interest lies in the immateriality of a sound work and the openness it can have for both associative and direct experience and sensory perception. Over the recent years Jana Winderen has collected recordings made by hydrophones, from rivers, shores and the ocean in Asia, Europe and America, from glaciers in Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Winderen is also experimenting with different types of microphones to collect sounds which are unreachable for the human senses. She uses sounds as source material for composition in a live environment or to create installations, currently also for film, radio, CD, MC and vinyl productions.



KIWA is a multichannel meta-artist. His artistic interests has ranged over fields as diverse as
gallery installations, texts/books, music/sound, curating, painting, video, performance, conceptual projects in media and public space.
Conceptually the artist draws on tautological semiotics and very white cube specific situations, pop lifestyles and the counter cultures, cryptic texts, multimedia lectures, theories and practices in the field of micro-literature, pseudo-identities, which is often described as "anarcho-pop", "metaphysical conceptualism" or "deconstruction of socio-symbolic net of current society"
sound: started experimenting with sound in the late 80s, was involved some of the fastest punk-bands in the 90s and moved to the electronic sound around 2000. has been organizing the noise/sound-art platfom “Metabor” and founded the festival of non-existent bands. beside hyper-optimistic robo-punk moniker kiwanoid, also plays improvisational solo lives, that stream from idealistic glitchy soundscapes to psycho-noise

Vinyl terror and Horror (DK)

Vinyl terror and Horror is a collaboration between Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen.
Their approach to music starts from a visual and sculptural practice. Turntable deconstruction and rearrangement of the vinyl media in all imaginative ways is an essential part of their music. The musicians work in the field of cinematic soundscapes with a high tolerance level of possible hi- fi disasters.
Vinyl terror and Horror’s performances can usually be described as follows. Sentimental heartbreaking sequences where the opera singer is looping and the birds are singing backwards until the breakdown of needles, and chaos is taking over. Cut up and mistreated records looping and creaking from dust and sloppy treatment. Pick-up`s being pushed disrespectfully over grooves. Records spinning backwards and forwards while played from multiple pick-ups simultaneously. Meanwhile, the lady in stilettos just keeps on walking down the stairs. Repetitive arrangements, dark sounds, neck breaking mixes, film-amateur sound effects, scratches, squeaks, vinyls, terror and horror.

Vladimir Tarasov (LT)
b. 1947

Since 1968 Vladimir Tarasov has lived and worked in Vilnius, Lithuania. For many years Tarasov performed with the Lithuanian Symphonic Orchestra and other symphonic, chamber, and jazz orchestras in Lithuania, Europe and the USA.
From 1971 to 1986, Tarasov was a member of the well-known contemporary jazz music trio – GTC (Vyacheslav Ganelin, Vladimir Tarasov, Vladimir Chekasin).
Tarasov writes music for orchestras, film, and theatre. Since 1991 he has been working in the visual arts, both solo and collaborating with artists such as Ilya Kabakov, Sarah Flohr, and others. He has taught and given lectures internationally, including Podewill Center (Berlin), Music Academy (Bremen), Academy of Art (Orleans), Art Academy (Vilnius), Department of Music at the University of the Pacific (Stockton, California) and others. In 2009, Vladimir Tarasov received the Triumph Prize in Moscow: Russia's independent prize for the highest achievements in literature and art.
Tarasov has performed with such musicians and artists as Andrew Cyrille, the Rova Saxophone Quartet, Anthony Braxton, Lauren Newton, and Josef Nadj.

Mats Lindström (Sweden)
b. 1960

Works as a composer and a musician, often with strains of live-electronics. He often works with intermedia, scenic elements and visual arts as a complement to the music, and has worked both with music for theatre, radio, dance and sound installations. He has been working internationally and regularly teaches and gives lectures on sound art. Since 2004 he is the artistic director of the electronic music studio EMS in Stockholm.

Maksims Shentelevs (LV)
b. 1978

Maksims Shentelevs ia an architect, phonographer and sound artist based in Riga, Latvia. Since 1998 participates in architectural / soundart / interdisciplinary art events / workshops throughout Europe. Has published sound works in compilations on such labels as SIRR (PT), Gruenrecorder (DE), Universinternational (FR). Active in field recording since 2002. Focusing on sound gathering as non intervention policy for observation of structural models in nature. Usually field studies such as field-mix, soundscape mapping, sound-gathering become basic material for following work in studio. In his field research mainly interested in biotopes referring habitats of insects and small creatures, self-referent and macro scale structures. Recently involves self-made acoustic and electro acoustic instruments and objects as tools for mutual discourse with nature. In 2007 initiated sound improvisation collective ”bernu rits” – “children morning” ( In 2008 based self-run label “molmika”. In collaboration with Patrick mcGinley and John Grzinich organizes and runs site specific /revenant workshops throughout Europe.

Hanna Hartman (SWE)
b. 1961

Hanna Hartman is a Swedish sound artist and composer living in Berlin. Since around 1990 she has composed works for radio, sound sculptures and numerous performances all over Europe. More recently, she has started to write pieces for instrumentalists. Her many awards and grants include Prix Europa (1998), the Karl-Sczuka-Preis (2005), the Phonurgia Nova Prize (2006), and a Villa Aurora grant (2010). During 2007 and 2008 she was Composer-in-Residence for Swedish Radio.
Having developed her very own language, the Swedish sound artist and composer Hanna Hartman creates compositions that are exclusively made up from authentic sounds which she has recorded around the world. Sounds are taken out of their original context and thus perceived in their purity. Hanna Hartman seeks to reveal hidden correspondences between the most diverse auditive impressions and in new constellations she creates extraordinary worlds of sound.

Sergey Ivanov a.k.a Kratong (RUS)
b. 1975

Sergey Ivanov is a musician and sound engineer. Co-founder of such music projects as Romowe Rikoito and Kratong. As a musician took part in numerous festivals, including Wave Gothic Treffen (Germany), Wroclaw Industrial (Poland), Menuo Juodaragis (Lithuania), etc. As a sound engineer worked with Romowe Rikoito, Kratong, Neutral, IP Neva, Sunset Wings, Bigoudi and other international and local music projects. His area of interests includes everything that lies in-between dark folk and experimental electronics. The musician’s research is focused on the transmutation of natural sounds (field-recording) and contemporary industrial music into new alchemic forms and distillation units. His musical credo is: a musician is an alchemist who manipulates with different forms of human existence.

Danil Akimov (RUS)

Danil Akimov is a sound artist and curator. Active in the field of interdisciplinary contemporary arts, in his projects he brings together sound and video, installation and performance. Since 1997 has cooperated with the art-group Membrana. The main idea behind is an exploration of primitive extremities of pseudo-scientific/conceptual approach to artistic production. He presented a number of sound productions in group audio collections and anthologies, participated in international festivals of contemporary art, and experimental electronic music. Since 2003 has been one of the founders of the project ArtEgo, which has initiated about 30 local cultural events in the field of entertainment: thematic dance/fashion parties, rare cinema club, performances of sound artists. Since 2004 has been research officer at the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, curates the programs which deal with experimental music.

Nikolay Smirnov a.k.a. Nikodim (RUS)
b. 1955

Nikolay Smirnov graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the Leningrad State University majoring in psychotherapy. In 1979-1985 lived in an abandoned village in the Pskov region. In 1986 moved to Kaliningrad with his family. His current occupation and interests are verse and music. His set of mind was defined by zen buddhism. Works in the style of minimalism. According to the musician, “his way of life is living in remote places in the countryside. In my creative activities I do not adhere to any specific frameworks. Verse is transitory and fastidious, and sound only needs the quality and energy capable of resonating with the author”.
According to the 65th hexagram “Yi Ching” Nikodimma is:“An old recluse with his loft empty,Urinating against the wind talking to gulls”



Dmitry Demidov a.k.a. Not a mind (RUS)
b. 1971

Dmitry Demidov, a native of Kaliningrad and the Outer Space, started in the 80s as a multi-instrumentalist, a professional who masters keyboards, violin, guitar and saxophone. Organized several alternative groups, such as The Three Pigs, Deaf Beethoven and Los Chikatilos. Has recently reverted to experimental electronics. Currently known as one of the most prominent makers of d.i.y-synthesizers in the region, and an outstanding multimedia artist.

Andrey KolomyTZev a.k.a. StirliTZ (RUS)
b. 1959

Works mostly with structured noises, trash ambient, dust ambient, industrial. Since 1992 has appeared many times on alternative labels in USA, France, Russia and Belgium. StirliTZ uses various equipment in his performances, among them are analogue keys, Termenvox, air filter, piezo clamp sensors. Among other musicians he has cooperated with Sachsische Improvisation Ensemble and singer Agnes Ponizil.

John Grzinich (USA)

John Grzinich is a mixed media artist (sound/video/photo), project coordinator and educator. He currently lives and works in Estonia
John Grzinich has worked primarily with sound and video since the early 1990s and performed and worked on projects throughout Europe and North America. In recent years he has also concentrated on giving workshops on various aspects of sound.
Currently the artist is a project coordinator for MoKS – Center for Art and Social Practice, an artist-run international residency center and project space in southeast Estonia.
John Grzinich employs varied artistic approaches to sound generation, recording and production work with techniques that range from the construction of original instrument devices and the capture of acoustic phenomenon through environmental field recordings to digital multi-tracking and manipulation. The resulting compositions are often studies in extended evolutionary permutations of a selected set of sound sources.
The artist’s areas of interest are soundscape research, field recording/phonography, aural architecture, sound mapping, found objects, sound and performance, itinerant sound actions, processing and composing acoustic sounds, abandoned spaces, site-specific sound installations, collaborative sound actions, extended tonal and atonal drones.

Jelena Glazova (LV)

Jelena Glazova is a Riga-based artist and poet. She currently studies towards an MA at the Arts Academy of Latvia. Jelena Glazova combines image, sound, installation and poetry in her projects. She has participated in international exhibition projects and festivals, including “Slowwwo” festival of contemporary poetry in Kaliningrad.
From 2010 onwards Glazova has been doing experimental music – drone-noise with edited vocals. Her collaborations include Derek Holzer (US/DE), Selffish (LV) and other artists. и другими художикаим.

Jacob Kirkegaard (DK)

Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist. In 2006 he graduated with a master's degree from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany. Kirkegaard has lectured on archaeological and spatial aspects of sound at the Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen. In 2007 he relocated to Berlin.
Kirkegaard has received international attention for his artistic ventures into "hidden" acoustic spheres. Using accelerometers and other scientific equipment, he explores those resonant spaces that usually remain inaccessible to sense perception.
The musician’s sound art is released by the British label Touch. His works include live performances, film music, installations and compositions – “Soaked”, a collaboration with Philip Jeck (Touch, 2002), “01.02” (Bottrop-boy, 2003) and “Eldfjall” (Touch, 2005). In his work for Touch, “4 Rooms” (2006), and the installation AION, Kirkegaard explores the sonic legacy of Chernobyl. Kirkegaard’s installations have been presented, among other places, at Kiasma in Finland, Diapason Gallery in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Gallery Rachel Haferkamp and at Transmediale in Germany. Among his numerous collaborators are Jim Thirlwell (Aka Foetus), CM von Hausswolff, Ann Lislegaard and Philip Jeck.

Robert Piotrowicz (Poland)

Robert Piotrowicz is one of the most prolific artists in the Polish experimental and improvised music scene. He develops his own solo projects and also collaborates with world's leading sound artists and musicians. As an instrumentalist, he works mainly with his own live performance setup, developed around his electric guitar and analogue modularsynthesiser. His other activities include electro-acoustic studio compositions, composing for theatres, participation in interdisciplinary art projects and sound installation.
Piotrowicz has developed his trademark sound of intense dynamics seized in dramatic and balanced form. Several albums with his solo music had been released. As an instrumentalist and composer Piotrowicz works most often with Anna Zaradny, Burkhard Stangl, Zbigniew Karkowsky. Other collaborators in recent years included Jerome Noetinger, Xavier Charles, Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre, Valerio Tricoli, John Butcher, Tony Buck, Oren Ambarchi, Kevin Drumm and others. Piotrowicz participated in many interdisciplinary projects, international events and festivals. Together with Anna Zaradny he runs the Musica Genera label and annual festival.

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