the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial Preview


12.07 - 15.07.2012

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Program: [Ural factories Ц Industries of meaning]

Included in: [the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art]

A project presented by the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial Preview at the exhibition and the forum Innoprom-2012 besides being a preview of September events is an experiment of creating an exhibition in a non-exhibitional space. The organizing element of the stand is an installation Hope Tower by Pyotr Belyj. Symbolically growing out of a “black square” of both biennial stand and Russian Avant-Garde art, this tower is intended to connect the origins of contemporary art, which go back to art experiments of the beginning of 20th century on the restructuring of the world, with its present where the cloud-castles of concepts are provided with flesh.  The four pavilions introducing the main project, special projects, art residencies, and medicalization, give an idea of multiple formats and genres represented at the biennial: the creation of optical illusions, the look into virtual reality, conceptualization of creation and destruction, virtualization of theoretical knowledge. The stand announces the themes leading the 2nd Ural Industrial biennial; among the key issues are interactions between the representational and nonrepresentational, humanitarian and industrial, real and virtual, production and appropriation.

Within the forum Innoprom-2012 the biennial Intellectual Platform is running its own event – a roundtable Contemporary Art in Regional Economy: Asset, Industry, and Lifestyle featuring speakers from the UK, the USA, Russia, France and Austria.

Preview Artists:

Peter Kogler
Untitled, 2012
Professor of München Academy of Fine Arts. Resides and works in Vienna.
Peter Kogler deals with optic effects and spatial illusions. When creating his artworks Kogler experiments with computer animation, video projections, prints. One of his first projects was shown at the international exhibition of contemporary art Documenta 9 in 1992. In 2012 Peter Kogler participates in the Main project of the 2nd Ural biennial. For the biennial Preview he prepared a special version of his famous environments.

Ivan Plusch, Irina Drozd
Illusion of Disappearance of Fullness, 2011
Participants of the Open Studio Nepokorennye in St.Petersburg.
The program of biennial Special projects is represented by two of its participants. Saint-Petersburg based artists Ivan Plusch and Irina Drozd fills the pavilion space with seemingly ordinary objects of classic bourgeois interior – ornamental picture frames and a big dining table. However the frames are empty and the table is not expecting guests, what becomes evident through surrealistically flowing-waving streams-edges of the objects. Statement of loss or expectation of the new outcome? - the conflict of artwork’s title and its formal content leaves a spectator confused.

James Morgan
V2V (Valley To Valley), 2012
Lecturer at the University of San Jose, founder and head of Laboratory for New Media CADRE, director of Gallery and Center for New Media.
A part of a big Russian-American project V2V is based on computer game Minecraft and suggests a participation of biennial preview visitors in creation of a new virtual world. Being a result of Morgan’s residence at Verkhnya Salda, this project announces a series of biennial art residencies organized at several plants of Sverdlovsk region for Russian and international artists. The results of this interactive project by James Morgan will be presented simultaneously at the 2nd Ural biennial in Yekaterinburg and ZERO1 biennial in San Jose in the fall 2012.

Pyotr Belyj
Hope Tower, 2011
Winner of Sergey Kurekhin Award 2009. Lecturer at Smolny Institute. Founder of non-profit art gallery Luda in St.Petersburg.

Escape from the figurative pressure of unfinished projects of Tatlin Tower and Russian Avant-Garde art is one of the main topics in art and architecture of 20th century. Hope Tower is a variation of contemporary interpretation and constructive overcoming of this subject, a realization of a desire to put an end to a process, which holds sway over people’s minds for almost a hundred years. Ural industrial biennial is also aimed at reinterpretation of local historical motifs and ideological paradigms dominating the region, and on research of alternative possibilities of interpretation of the Industrial, the Ural, the Soviet, etc.

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