Noam Braslavsky. Dissonance of cognition

Video show, lecture

02.07.2009, 19:00-21:00 Thursday

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Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

As part of the Russo-German Clichés exhibitional and research project

Noam Braslavsky, who has worked with the theme of the Cliché throughout the history of his art, will show his film Dissonance of Cognition.

Braslavsky, returning to his European roots, discovers the synagogue in Poland where his grandfather was circumcised, converted into a swimming pool for Nazi officers that exists to this day.

This provokes Braslavsky, who reacts and literally finds himself, making a film about Jewry existing underwater. This is simultaneously a kind of metaphor of existing Judaism, with its deep waters and a sense of belonging. Noam creates a Jewish prayer clip: an underwater collage of Judaic rituals with caricature inserts of classic Jewish clichés gigantic noses, side-locks, and so on.

Another particularity of the film is the presence of hidden messages (using a technique of 2-3 frames a minute) seen, but unnoticed.

As part of the Clichés project Noam Braslavsky tells about his art, of which the use of Jewish clichés is only one example.

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