Philip Samartzis (Australia)

Concert and audio-visual performance series

10.06.2009, 20:00-22:00 Wednesday

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Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

/ field-recordings, abstract, experimental, live-electronics/

Entrance fee: 300 rubles

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Philip Samartzis is a known celebrity in the Australian musical community, a composer who came to the professional stage from the underground.

At one time he was half the duo GUM. Today he reads lectures at the department of art and culture of Melbourne University, and researches positional sound and environmental particularities in rooms for installations. Samartzis is a performing artist, a curator, and an organizer of cultural events, primarily those held in Australia.

Philip Samartzis is better known for his joint works with other musicians Oren Ambarchi, Gunther Muller, Sachiko M, Kodzo Inada, Bernard Parmigiani, and others. His solo albums have been released under the Dorobo label, in the Staalplaat Mort Aux Vaches series, and under his own label, Microphonics.

In general they are constructed on the basis of field recordings as collections of scenes and collages of unusual sounds, which often go unnoticed in the bustle of everyday life consciously focused, intensified, looped, and amplified.

As part of his Russian tour Philip Samartzis will be presenting two new previously unpublished works:

1. Black Habit (24 min.)

The theme of the play is the consumption of electrical power using ordinary lighting lamps and the harvesting of that power for subsequent transformation. The recordings, made at large industrial coal processing enterprises, will be transplanted to the quiet atmosphere of the gallery.

2. Insect Woman (21 min.)

In this play one hears field recordings made in a far-off Australian province. Insect Woman is an attempt to present audio of the environment surrounding a prison through the eyes of women prisoners on the verge of madness due to their long sojourn in this God-forgotten place.

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