Gabrielle Leidloff (Germany). X-ray & Photographs


18.04 - 21.06.2009, 00:00-22:00

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: LABORATORIA Art&Science Space

Curator: Daria Parkhomenko

Gabrielle Leidloff, an artist, represents one of the newest trends in contemporary actual art developing in the visual space of the image research of the nerve systems in the human brain. The visualization of thinking processes, direct broadcasting of the internal mental life of the human being on the screen has been transformed in an absolutely unique plasticity system in Leidloffs strategies. Her imagery has interactive characteristics with the viewer having an opportunity to participate in the process, to be the subject of installation, establishing contact with living technologies of the artist.

The X-Ray & Photographs project discovers the phenomenal, shimmering, state of the art where images of medical reality are transformed into aesthetical objects. The technologies of Gabrielle Leidloff naturally combine the elements of some contemporary super show and of a scientific lab, forming thus a new aesthetic environment.

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