14.08 - 14.10.2018

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 Official site of biennale - http://en.shiryaevo-biennale.ru

Samara region /Samara, Shiryaevo/
14.08. - 14.10.2018

Organiser: Central Volga branch of National Centre of Contemporary Art as part of ROSIZO
With the support of: the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO", the Ministry of Culture of Samara region
General partner: Mikhail Prohorov Fund

Comissar of biennale: Roman Korzhov
Artistic director of the Biennale,
curator of the main project: Nelya Korzhova
Coordinator of biennale: Konstantin Zatsepin
Assistant curator: Anastasiya Albokrinova

Theme of 2018 is «GLEE»


The state of «glee» is wanted by everyone. This is what we really want to want. At the same time, the phenomenon of glee is the basic form of many cultures and peoples. The theme generalizes the experience of the Shiryaevo Biennale, based on the experiment of the movement. This is an attempt to find a path to yourself, where all we feel is the event itself.

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Shiryaevo Biennale is the oldest international contemporary art biennale in Russia. Organized in 1999 by Samara Regional Public Charity Foundation "Centre for Contemporary Art" and carried out in Shiryaevo village and Samara, it traditionally includes a creative laboratory of artists from Russia and abroad, as well as special exhibition program and art discussions. Since 2016, the Biennale is held by the Central Volga branch of the NCCA / ROSIZO. Shiryaevo Biennale became one of the region's brands and was recognized by the international art community.

The central event of Biennale is the exhibition-journey "Nomadic show". This is a symbiosis of two concepts: european - "show" and asian - "nomadic". The space for the presentation of works is the landscape between the two mountains, river Volga, mine galleries, the shore of the lake, village streets and houses. The "Horde" of spectators is moving along the proposed route together with the artists, mastering all the new "focuses of art".

The strategy of the main project of the Shiryaevo Biennale offers not only an alternative to the traditional functioning of art in the framework of the concept of the "white cube", but also independence from the "vertical of power" in the art system, based on the interaction of the research principles of the artistic process with the natural and mental values of the place.


The main project - creative laboratory "Glee"
14.08. – 24.08.2018 11:00 — 12:00 /Shiryaevo/ 
Curator: Nelya Korzhova
Artists: Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier (Canada); Sora Park (Korea / Canada); Gina San Andres Chorres (Ecuador); Olesya Mund (Estonia); Stephan Koeperl (Germany); Natalia Vikulina (Great Britain); Natalia Skobeeva (Great Britain); Anya Charikov-Micleburgh (Great Britain); Anya Mohova (Great Britain); Piyali Ghosh (India); Stefano Bergamo (Italy); Erbossyn Meldibekov (Kazhkhstan); Ayatgali Toleubeck (Kazhkhstan / Norway); Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan), Semyon Voronov (Russia, Moscow); “Night” movement: Anastasiya Ryabova, Varvara Gevorgizova (Russia, Moscow); Andrey Kuzkin (Russia, Moscow); Maria Kryuchkova (Russia, Moscow); Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music: Ivan Bushuev, Oleg Tanzov, Mikhail Dubov, Eugeny Subbotin, Ilya Rubinstein, Victoria Korshunova (Russia, Moscow); Oleg Zaharkin (Russia, Samara); Kirill Yakunin (Russia, Samara); Maxim Yakunin (Russia, Samara); Kajsa Haagen (Norway/Sweden); Efren Arcoiris (USA); Adam Rose (USA); April Lynn Pollard (USA); Jose Hernandez (USA); Martial Verdie (France); Virginie Rochetti (France); Yannis Ouaked (France).

Author's presentations of the participants of the creative laboratory "Glee"
16 — 24.08.2018 /Shiryaevo, club «Rodnik»/
11:00 — 13:00

«Nomadic show» in Shiryaevo
The beginning at 11:20 from the pier in Shiryaevo - with the arrival of ships,
Departure from Samara at 8:30, from the berth of the river terminal

Theoretical symposium of the Biennale
“Practices of alive”
26.08.2018, 11:00 — 13:00, 15:00 — 17:00 /Shiryaevo, club «Rodnik»/
Moderator: Viktor Misiano (Russia)
Speakers: Alexandr Bikbov (Russia), Katarzyna Osińska (Poland), Alexey Penzin (Great Britain / Russia).

Concert of Moscow Contemporary music ensemble (МСМE)
«Сoming together!»
20:00 /Shiryaevo, club «Rodnik»/
Ivan Bushuev (flute), Oleg Tanzov (clarinet), Mikhail Dubov (piano), Gleb Hohlov (violin), Ilya Rubinstein (cello), Victoria Korshunova (head)

Round table "Opinions"
27.08.2018, 11:00 — 13:00 /Shiryaevo, club «Rodnik»/
Experts: David Elliott (Great Britain), Felix Gmelin (Norway), Martin Schibli (Sweden)

"Nomadic Exhibition"
in the homes of residents of Shiryaevo following the results of the creative laboratory and the "nomadic show"
07.09. — 07.10.2018 /Shiryaevo/

Curator Nelya Korzhova
Visiting groups by appointment

Special Program in Samara

«Shiryaevo biennale. Central Russian Zen»
14.09. – 14.10.2018 shopping and entertainment complex «Gudok» Samara, Krasnoarmeyskaya st, 131
Opening 14 september, 19:00

Curators Nelya and Roman Korzhovs (Russia, Samara), co-curator Alexandr Burenkov (Russia, Moscow)

Cinema program "Vector-68"
shopping and entertainment complex «Gudok» Samara, Krasnoarmeyskaya st, 131
Curator Roman Cherkasov

21 september, 19:00 — «Tout va bien», Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1972
22 september, 18:00 - «Le fond de l\'air est rouge», Chris Marker, 1977/1993
28 september, 19:00 - «Medium Cool», Haskell Wexler, 1969
29 september, 18:00 - «Les amants réguliers», Philippe Garrel, 2005
06 october, 18:00 - «Milou en mai», Louis Malle, 1989

Closing of Shiryaevo Biennale
The final round table «All we feel is the event itself»
12 october 2018, 19:00
shopping and entertainment complex «Gudok» Samara, Krasnoarmeyskaya st, 131
Moderator Konstantin Zatsepin
Musical project «Art Nouveau Delay» (Ilya Samorukov, Nicholai Kislukhin, Russia, Samara)

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