Volga. Zero


27.10 - 27.11.2017

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Samara Historical and Regional Museum

TC "Gudok"

Curators: Nelya Korzhova, Konstantin Zatsepin

Artists: Anastasia Alblokrinova, Sergey Balandin, Evgeny Bugaev, Anton Valance, Alexander Verevkin, Frol Vesely, Anfisa Dobrokhodova, Oleg Elagin, Dmitry Zhilyaev, Alexander Zaitsev, Alexei Zaitsev, Oleg Zakharkin, Dmitry Kadyntsev, Ivan Klyuchnikov, Anna Korzhova, Nelya Korzhova, Roman Korzhov, Maria Kryuchkova, Mikhail Lyozin, Vladimir Logutov, Alisa Nikolaeva, Ilya Samorukov, Oksana Stogova, Andrey Syaylev, Olga and Alexander Filimonov, Maxim Shabalin, Yevgeny Yudakov


The catalogue of the project (2015-2017) 


The program "Volga. Zero "- the first project of the Central Volga branch of the NCCA, launched in January 2015 and implemented at the Factory-kitchen, and in 2016-2017 - at the Samara regional historical museum.

The final exhibition of the program appears as an integral picture of the state of contemporary art in Samara at the moment. It includes works and projects of twenty-eight artists. Thus, this is the largest exhibition in the history of Samara, dedicated exclusively to contemporary art. The exposition covers three thousand square meters in the shopping center "Gudok". The space is chosen as irrelevant - not museum, as "empty sculpture", filled with energy of today's mood of the place.


Nelya Korzhova: “Volga” is a constant of Samara metaphysics, “Zero” is a start, a new countdown, an irrespective level. The main idea was to give authors an opportunity for personal expression as there are very few personal exhibitions in the city. It could be seen how the laboratory process was changing our common “artistic unconscious” when nothing could replace the author’s self-critical point of view, sudden understanding of discoveries and faults. General mentality of Samara artists tends to understand the “body of landscape” perceived as their own bodies with the currents of the earth matching their inner aspirations”.

Konstantin Zatsepin: “We tried to make visible the actual “map” for the local field of art activities. Creating the line of highly charged eventivity as a sequence of personal exhibitions, we compared art languages. On the one hand, the program became the revision of the languages, and on the other hand, our target was to help artists to explore senses which are important for them, to arrange elements of their own art language thus overcoming initial sparsity of local context”.


 Fragments of exposure, photo - Peter Gridin


Opening of the exhibition, photo - Peter Gridin

Opening of the exhibition, photo - Maxim Bubnov


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