Photo exhibition "Imprints"


03.11 - 18.11.2012

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Program: [Contemporary art and contemporary society]

St Petersburg State-run Kronstadt Youth Palace
Novgorod Centre for Contemporary Arts
Art-Sintez Public Association
Artistic Association of Kronstadt Photographers

with the support of North-Western Branch of the NCCA


 November, 3-18, 2012

Photo exhibition "Imprints"

in the Kronstadt Youth Palace 

On November 3 the Kronstadt Youth Palace hosts "Imprints" photo exhibition displaying works by artists from Veliky Novgorod.

This integration process started in May 2011 with the "ChronoGraph" joint exhibition of Kronstadt photographers and painters from the Novgorog region.

Now the Novgorod artists repay the visit. Boris Alekseev, Ilya Alekseev, Mark Nazarov, Mikhail Karasiov, Ksenia Popova, Vlad Tatarskiy, Konstantin Tchalabov and Mikhail Yushchenko will present their works at the exhibition. The Novgorod photographers simply share their perceptions of reality: and the ways they see reality are quite different varying from landscape sketches (reminding one of Turgenev’s prose) and philosophical scenery (a-la Tolstoy ); backstage photo-reports from the theater and candid shots of city streets; still-life shots with objects coming alive in front of the camera and meditations with no specific genre in mind. 60 pictures from Veliky Novgorod reflect the numerous questions posed by contemporary photographic art and provide a number of the answers 'printed'.

Curators: Sergey Pukhatchiov and Natalia Goleva (Veliky Novgorod City Exhibition Centre) 

Opening: November 3, 2012 at 6 p.m in the Kronstadt Youth Palace 

Address: Kronstadt, 35A Sovetskaya st.

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