Meeting with the artist Ulf Lindell (Sweden)


26.10.2012, 19:00-20:00 Friday

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Program: [Educational projects]

National Centre for Contemporary Arts, North Westen Branch
PRO ARTE Foundation
AL Gallery for Contemporary Arts

26 October 2012 (Friday) at 7 p.m.

Meeting with the artist Ulf Lindell (Sweden)

Ulf Lindell will present his project Misdirected Attention Required. The project was made for the 3rd Baltic Biennale 2012, the main subject of which is the Archipelago Baltia, a network of authors residing in St Petersburg and the region in general. In case of Lindell the subject is expressed almost perfectly: a resident of Sweden, a Baltic region state, Lindell created this project during NCCA artist-in-residence in Kronshtadt when he was deeply immerged into the local context.

Ulf Lindell was born 1964 in Örebro and currently lives in Stockholm. His works are usually empty spaces he finds wherever he lives and the inserted objects that justify them by means of an anti-vase effect (an object turned inside out like the Pompidou Centre in Paris). He uses mixed media which is far more sophisticated than one may suspect at first glance. The aluminum base that is so popular in Europe is almost impossible to make in Russia because the quality of the metal is totally different. Photo-monotyping is itself a rare media but in the absence of the usual material it turns into an ultimate artistic task.

Admission is free

Address: St Peter and Paul Fortress, PRO ARTE Lecture Hall

Ulf Lindell’s Misdirected Attention Required is shown in terms of the 3rd Baltic Biennale from 25 October to 18 November 2012 at AL Gallery for Contemporary Arts. 

Address: 64 Nevsky Prospect, floor 3
Telephone: 570 66 20

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