Workshop led by the artist Ed Woodham (US) and the "Strange Makings" performance


13.09 - 22.09.2012

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Program: [Along with the city]

The North-Western Branch of the NCCA
The PRO ARTE Foundation
CEC ArtsLink Charitable Foundation
Supported by Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

Part of the "Art Prospect" Festival program 


Workshop led by the artist Ed Woodham (US) and 

the "Strange Makings" performance


September 13-20, 2012 ProArte Foundation hosted a workshop led by American artist Ed Woodham for the participants of the Program for Young Practicing Artists. During a week the artists have been working on creating a collective performance for the "Art Prospect" Festival. The project aims at adding new dimension to the familiar urban environment redefining it for the citizens. 

"Strange Makings" performance took place on September 20, 21 and 22 in St. Petersburg in various parts of the Liteiny prospect including courtyard at Liteiny 13, in the display windows of the Geometria coffee-shop (Liteiny 57) and Scandinavia clinic (Liteiny 55A). The performers dressed in black-and-white garments would freeze and come to life unexpectedly getting passers-by surprised and puzzled.  

Ed Woodham is an artist, performer, and the founder and director of Art in Odd Places, an annual NYC public visual and performance event. Ed has led workshops in public art for Parsons School of Design. In Atlanta he founded and directed a multi-disciplinary arts space, 800 East producing over 250 visual and performance art events.

Program for Young Practicing Artists – is a joint project developed by the PRO ARTE Foundation and the North-West Branch of the NCCA.

The Project enjoys the support of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.



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