Artist and Society Round table

round table

20.02.2012, 19:00-22:00 Monday

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Program: [Educational projects]

NCCA St. Petersburg
In association with “Poryadok Slov” bookstore
And Center for Independent Sociological Research


“Artist and Society” Round table
(According to the results of the Gluklya’s exhibition)

18.00 – NataliaPershina-Yakimanskaya (Gluklya) speaks about the exhibition
Address: NCCA St. Petersburg Exhibition hall, Fontanka emb., 34 liter A
19.00 – “Artist and Society” round table

Address: “Poryadok Slov” bookstore, Fontanka emb., 15

Reporters of the round table:

Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya – artist and researcher, cofounder of the “Found Clothing Factory” group and a member of “What to do” group.
“Different strategies for the artist to cooperate with society. Gender aspect – releasing of the magazine for elderly women”
Video showing: “Singing hearts”, “Worked for their life…”
Oleg Panchenkov – sociologist, director of the Center for Independent Sociological research,
“Civil initiative of the pensioner’s club – flea market in Udelnaya. Flea market as a space for a carnival and performance (transgression)”.
Oksana Parfyonova – sociologist, chef-editor of “Laboratorium”, a social research magazine (
“Social exclusion of the elderly people in modern Russian society. Methods of “inclusion” and adaptation”.

Question for discussion:

1. Why doesn’t disastrous situation of the elderly people lead to protest activity? How did the only “exception” (riots against monetization of tax benefits) end? What does it explain about our society, about us and our government?
2. What are the possible ways of riot mobilization among elderly people? What could be the role of the artists in these processes? Social scientists? Their collaborating projects? Does the collaboration between the state structure and socially committed art-practices possible?
3. What is the place of the gender roles in the social exclusion among elderly people? Is there a potential among gender-focused projects to mobilize the citizens?
In the discussion also take part: Svetlana Yaroshenko, Nina Gasteva, Dmitry Vilenskiy, Olga Egorova (Tsaplya), Olga Zhitlina.
Discussion moderator – Svetlana Yaroshenko, sociologist.


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