National Center for contemporary arts as a place to start. Public lecture.


10.04.2019, Wednesday

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Program: [Educational projects]

  “National Center for contemporary arts as a place to start” is a series of meetings with the Northern-Western Branch of NCCA-ROSIZO staff in the context of “Dialogues in 105th” project by the Artistic metal processing Department of Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design.

April, 10. 7 pm

From theory to practice: how an artist can start working with DIOR on the example of Turkish contemporary art

How can masters of arts and crafts achieve success and enter the international market? The lecture will show Turkish artisans who have declared themselves in the world of contemporary art and participated in projects of large international holdings.

Speaker: Nastasya Piletskaya, Northern-Western Branch of NCCA-ROSIZO Chief Specialist of Art Programs

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