Art Residence in Kronstadt: Olya Dubatova (Russia, USA)


11.01 - 30.01.2018

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Program: [Art residence]

Olya Dubatova, born in Soviet Union in 1983 is a visual artist based in California and New York City.  In her work, Olya explores language, technology, time, place, sound and identity through painting, sound and performance, sound sculptures and interactive video art installations. Motivated by exploration of places, of a literal and symbolic search for home, constant personal search and beyond that, Olya lived in more than 20 cities around the world. For her each city is a relationship as if in giving, opening, extending yourself completely to the city you start a relationship with.

She co-founded and directed BlenderLabs at USC (Los Angeles). BlenderLabs was awarded the prestigious Visions and Voices Grant in 2016.

Her recent projects with UC Berkeley, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Internet Archive have been featured in media internationally. Olya’s work was exhibited in multiple galleries and museums internationally , including Berkeley Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Museum Aldobrandini (Rome).


During the residency Olya will work on two film installations with the St. Petersburg curator Maria Kharitonova. Her films will continue to explore sound from different angles to ask questions. What brings people together?  How does emotional resonance cause messages to be passed on from one person to another? What do technologies do to enhance, alter and distract the fundamental human skill of forming communities through communication?,,




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