"I miss you" Exhibition of media artist Masha Kryuchkova (Samara)


14.02 - 19.02.2017

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Program: [Art residence]

The North-West Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts as part of ROSIZO
CYLAND Media Art Laboratory
Creative space "Taiga"

14 – 19 February, 2017

TAIGA creative space, White Hall

"I miss you"

Exhibition of media artist Masha Kryuchkova (Samara)

Opening: February 14 at 19.00

Masha Kryuchkova worked on the project "I miss you" in the Art Residency of the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Kronstadt.

A distinctive feature of Masha Kryuchkova’s art is the ultimate sincerity, imposition of deep personal experience and feelings in public space, as well as extensive use of Internet technologies and texts, articulated in the worldwide network space.

Artist’s portfolio: exhibition of her own illustrated poems in the Samara Regional Youth Library; curatorial experience in Samara Museum of Literature; personal exhibition - "New Folder. Damaged file” in the curatorial project "Volga. Zero".

In August 2016 Maria participated in the IX International Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art, where together with Ilya Samorukov presented a performance “LOVE. EXCHANGE”. Artists tried to investigate whether love (or something that called love) can exist outside the situation of exchange, or relationships in any case obey to economic logic, logic of exchange.

The project "I miss you" is a reflection on the state of melancholy and restlessness that never leaves the a human being. If we are at home - we miss trips, other cities and roads, but as soon as we are in a new space, we are homesick and miss loved-ones who stay far away. We walk along the streets, which we used to dream about, but now we are looking for a Wi-Fi to send a message or picture home. Are we lonely? And can we be lonely, if we love someone? What happens to people when they get bored?

Free admission

Address: "Taiga" creative space, White Hall
For information call: +7 911 746 23 65, +7 (812) 332 13 47

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