Arseny Zhilyaevs lectures and artist talk


01.12 - 03.12.2016

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Program: [Educational projects]

NCCA, North-Western Branch
St Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation
supported by
the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
and Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

in the frames of the School for Young Artists program


December 1-3, 2016

Arseny Zhilyaev’s lectures and artist talk

Arseny Zhilyaev's lectures are devoted to the project of the artist “Avant-garde Museology” which is a research of materials about the museums’ role in Russia and USSR form the end of the 19th century to the first third of the 20th century. Innovative curatorial practices of the past century, and especially of Russian cosmism in the context of the museum building were presented.

During artist talk Zhilyaev presented his latest works and exhibitions: Cradle of Humankind-3 (Kunstverein, Leipzig, 2015), Future Histories (with Mark Dion) (Casa dei Tre Oci, V-a-c Foundation, Venice, 2015), The Moscow Etude (MMOMA, Moscow, 2016), Tsiolkovsky. Second Coming" (New Holland, St. Petersburg, 2016).

Arseny Zhilyaev is an artist. He reinterprets in his projects the heritage of the Soviet museology and museum value in Russian philosophy of cosmism. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Since 2011, he is a member of editorial council of the Moscow "Art Magazine". His publications appeared in E-flux Journal and other magazines. Arseny Zhilyaev is editor of the anthology Avant-garde Museology (V-a-c Press, E-flux classics, Minnesota Press, 2015). Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology of Voronezh State University (2006) and Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art (2008). He received a master's degree in Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg (2010).

For the program participants only.

The “School for Young Artists” educational program was created by the St Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation in 1999. The NCCA North-Western Branch joined the program in 2012. Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.

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