BEZMESTYE. Exhibition of the participants of the School for Young Artists program


28.10 - 06.11.2016

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Program: [Educational projects]

NCCA, North-Western Branch
St Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation
supported by
the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
and Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

28  - November 6, 2016



Exhibition of the participants of the “School for Young Artists” program

Opening - October 28 (Friday) 2016 at 19.00

LYUDA Gallery: Mokhovaya Street., 42 (code on the gate - 4243)
Visiting the gallery out of opening day by prior arrangement only, tel
.: +7 (911) 9686484

It is well known that contemporary art project is a social and communicative project. An art-work can prosper and exist only in a favorable environment. It’s like a living organism. This environment doesn’t always mean to be a comfortable one. However, its existence remains. In our case – the existence of the art environment.

The participants of "School for Young Artists" have accepted the challenge after curator’s speech about their dissociation and lack of points of intersection. They’ve taken the lead to create in the shortest time an internal community, community which would develop according to the unpredictable scenario with an ultimate goal of representation. For this purpose, they used sometimes too deliberate, almost violent methods. For example, a practice of "locking out" when all participants were locked for 24 hours in spaces – galleries and workshops – and discussed the project until the visible result to come up.

In exhibition BEZMESTYE (free translation of the word "utopia"), young artists will present the documentation of their joint artistic experience as well as an ironic musical video about creation of community - daring, naive, corresponding to the time and place spirit – a so called "shell" of their joint quests, doubts and aspirations. The result of the experiment was initially unpredictable. Obvious thing was that the method they developed while making the community, effective or not, already became a part of their art-work.

The first version of the exhibition has been shown this summer in Moscow within the 5th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. As for St. Petersburg, the new version of the exhibit will be proposed. At the moment, the major question for all participants is a definition of the further purpose of collaboration. Just before the opening, artists will locked themselves out again for 24 hours in Lyuda gallery and will discuss the future of the utopian project. Next evening the gallery will open doors for the visitors of the exhibition.

Project Blog:

Vladimir Abikh, Anna Belousova, Alexander Budaev, Alexander Veryovkin, Alexander Gart, Natalya Danini, Vladimir Kolbatov, Sophia Lastochkina, Michael Pyrkov, Yana Romanova, Nikita Seleznev, Daria Taran, Nikolay Urentsev, Nikolay Chiryatev.

Educational program "School for Young Artists " (St. Petersburg)

“School for Young Artists” is an educational program designed for young artists, students of art universities and colleges and creative young people dealing with contemporary art. The program aims to develop young artists’ creative potential and critical thinking, establish a playground for their professional communication and support their new art projects.

The “School for Young Artists” educational program was created by the St Petersburg PRO ARTE Foundation in 1999. The NCCA North-Western Branch joined the program in 2012. Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.




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