Guided tours around the exhibition "CORPUS. Anatomical Theatre" with an art mediator


01.10 - 30.10.2016, 14:00-15:30

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Program: [Contemporary art and contemporary society]

We invite you to join us for our guided tours around the exhibition «Corpus. Anatomical Theatre " with an art mediator. The exhibition is taking place in the Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.

Art mediation isn't similar to a traditional excursion, and looks more like a walk-through exhibition with mutual exchange of opinions and knowledge. Mediator doesn’t translate his own point of view but rather helps the viewer to formulate his or her own independently.

Art mediations are in the Russian language only. Pre-registration required.

Necessary to purchase a museum ticket (200 rubles).
Groups of 10 to 20 people. Duration - 1.5 hours.

Art mediations are organized:
On October 1 (Saturday) 14.00
On October 2 (Sunday) 14.00
On October 8 (Saturday) 14.00
On October 9 (Sunday) 14.00
On October 15 (Saturday) 14.00
On October 16 (Sunday) 14.00
On October 22 (Saturday) 14.00
On October 23 (Sunday) 14.00
On October 29 (Saturday) 14.00
On October 30 (Sunday) 14.00

For participation, it is necessary to be registered, having filled an electronic form at –

The exhibition “Corpus. Anatomical Theater” is dedicated to the special topic every professional artist would be familiar with – anatomical drawing. Drawing of human anatomy, graphical representation of bone and muscle systems of the human body is the basis for academic drawing and an essential part of artists’ higher education.

The exhibition displays anatomical drawings made by students and professors of the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts from the 19th century up to now, as well as original works based on the anatomical drawing principles. An independent part of the exhibit is complemented by a vast number of art-works by artists reflecting on human body in terms of contemporary art, using various media: video, installation, art-objects, painting etc.

Exhibition is a part of the 2nd St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design.

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