Art Residence: Filippo Minelli (Italy)


05.07 - 31.07.2016

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Program: [Art residence]

Filippo Minelli is an Italian performance artist. Artist’s website:

Since 2009 Minelli “shells” nature with colored smoke bombs, which grow in the air into mystical creatures. As an artist who came out of the protest and graffiti- art scene, Minelli decontextualizes clouds of tear gas and converts them back into the rich of color artifacts. Minelli’s artistic research has reached a high degree of synthesis and concentration that combines mastery of the aesthetic codes with language awareness and the ability to express complex content.

Current series Silence / Shapes is the experiment of giving physical shape to silence. Basically, he makes such performances in the mountains, lakes, or in vacant buildings. Project is presented in the genre of photography.

One more project is Padania Classics that is a landscape research project aiming to identify contemporary landscape, aesthetics and architectural specificities of ‘Padania’. Padania is a name of Piedmont, Lombardy and other northern regions of Italy. Project includes a book Atlante dei Classici Padani that Minelli has worked on for 5 years. Divided in 18 chapters this book analyzes in obsessive way subjects related to what separatist politicians call the Macro region: from urbanism based on overbuilding to the God of Gold, from waste dumping to architecture and absurd monuments, from politics to religion, from betting to ‘oriental’ massages providing a full insight about contemporary landscape and human behaviors of Northern Italy.

The aim of Contradictions ongoing project (since 2007) is to point out the gap between the reality we live in and the ephemeral world of social media by writing the names of social-networks and tech companies in economically or socially unstable locations, underlining the idealization implied in the act of sharing and pointing out the difference between what we decide to show about us and how reality actually is. The marketing behind new technologies is characterized by a religious veneration, and users are pushed to live with increasing abstraction from reality, using social-media to represent only an ideal reality.

July 12, 2016. Arist-talk: Filippo Minelli:

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