Art Residence: Kate McMillan (UK)


03.07 - 15.07.2016

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Program: [Art residence]

Kate McMillan’s work incorporates a range of media including installation, sculpture, film, sound, photography and painting. McMillan is interested in the linking narratives of forgetting and place, often focusing on the histories of various island sites. Her artworks thus act as haunting memory-triggers for histories and ideas that are over-looked. Artist’s website:

For over ten years she has explored the mythology and metaphor of island sites – including Pontikinisi in Greece, Tasmania, Cockatoo Island and Wadjemup in Australia and the Isle of Wight in England. Many of the projects that have emerged from research into these locations have sought to trace out the residue of past histories. Of particular interest are the residues of fortifications around Kotlin Island. The notion of fortification as a metaphor for identity and isolationism will form the framework for initial research.

McMillan’s practice often manifests as multi-channel film based installations. The use of sound and sculpture also feature. The period in Kronstadt will involve gathering moving image footage, sound and photographs that will work towards a new body of work.

Since 2002 McMillan has undertaken residencies in London, Tokyo, Switzerland, Berlin, Sydney, China and Hong Kong. She has been the recipient of numerous grants including a 2015 New Work Grant from the Australia Council, which she also received in 2011 & 2009. She is also currently working on a large project called ‘The Ghosts of Material Things’ which will be shown in Berlin in 2017 for which she has received funding from the British Council and Arts Council England. In 2013 she was awarded a Fellowship from the Department of Culture and the Arts (WA) and a Mid-Career Fellowship in 2008. She has resided on the Board of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) based in Sydney and has worked as a Peer and an Advisor for the Australia Council for the Arts. Her PhD (2014) explored the capacity for Contemporary Art to unforget history. She is currently a Teaching Fellow at King’s College, London.

On the 7th of July 2016 Kate McMillan gave an artist-talk at TAIGA creative space, St.Petersburg:

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