Art Residence: Felix Kalmenson (Canada)


18.06 - 02.07.2016

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Program: [Art residence]

Felix Kalmenson (b. 1987, St.Petersburg, Russia). Lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Studies, University of Toronto (Canada). Active in installation, video, photography, performance and sound art. Artist’s website:

“A Return is a research and video project that will centre around my experience of returning to St. Petersburg for the first time since I was two years old in 1989. The work will consist of experiencing the city through a series of recollections and stories that will be imparted by my mother, father, and grandparents who all lived in the city for decades. Following the traces that they set out for me I will weave a narrative of searching, negotiating memory and its complex traces on a changing landscape. The project will pose the question, what does it mean to return to a home city after so long? Making use of images and super 8 footage from our lives in St. Petersburg in the late 80's and original footage I will film in my own retracings, I will create a video and installation work which attempts to peice together these narratives into an understanding of how visual language can bridge displaced moments in time”.

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