Art Residence: Caroline Hinkley (USA)


12.03 - 02.04.2016

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Program: [Art residence]

American photographer (b.1940). Visiting Professor of Practice at the Department of Cinematic Arts, University of New Mexico, USA (till 2015, now retired). Graduated from California Institute of the Arts (M.F.A., Interdisciplinary Design and Theory), Claremont Graduate University (M.F.A., Painting and Graphics). Took part in art residence programs in Ireland, USA (Colorado), Iceland.

Last few years her creative work in photography has been devoted to extreme geographies, in particular Tibet and Iceland. “Kronstadt poses a particularly inspiring landscape, both natural and historical. The sea, as a result of work in Iceland, has been a subject for years. The possibility of engaging the maritime material world on Kotlin Island also interests me enormously.”

Since 2015 she has been working as an advisor and still photographer with a team of writers and filmmakers from Norway and the U.S on a documentary film project, Dead Reckoning, centering on the global climate crisis and particularly on the Global Seedvault, situated on the island of Svalbard (Spitzbergen) in the Arctic. This is literally a storage vault, technically complex to secure the safety of the world’s heritage seeds. “The Seed Vault was constructed in 2008 and manifested as a rather exotic piece of geometry placed in the side of glacier. The inspiration behind the construction is the imagination and determination of Cary Fowler, originally a Tennessee farmer, and currently global agrarian activist. His inspiration was the great Russian geneticist, Nikolai Vavilov, who attempted a global revolution of seed collecting and archiving in the early twentieth century.”


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