Lectures and seminars by Stanislav Savitsky Introduction to Contemporary Art


08.11 - 30.11.2015

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NCCA, North-Western Branch
PRO ARTE Foundation
supported by
the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
and Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

as part of the School for the Young Artists program


Lectures and seminars by curator and art-critic Stanislav Savitsky

“Introduction to Contemporary Art”

November 8, 3.00 pm
Lecture 1. “The Variety of Art Strategies in Contemporary Art”

November 15, 3.30 pm

November 16, 6.30 pm
Lecture 2. “Techniques and Trends in Contemporary Art”

November 23, 30, 6.30 pm
Seminars “Techniques and Trends in Contemporary Art”

In his introductory course that includes 2 lectures and a seminar art-critic and curator Stanislav Savitsky covers major strategies in contemporary art and analyzes its leading techniques and processes: assemblage, installation, producing objects, performance etc.

Prior to the seminar the participants of the program were to complete art-works made in various techniques and later had to present those providing a reasonable explanation why their work would belong to the chosen art-medium.

Stanislav Savitsky is an art-critic, curator and an associated professor at the Smolny Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (St.Petersburg State University) and the European University; senior research associate at the Russian Institute of Art History, expert (PRO ARTE Foundation) and “Delovoi Peterburg” newspaper art-critic.

For the program participants only.

School for the Young Artists is a joint project of PRO ARTE Foundation and the North-Western Branch of NCCA. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

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