SOCIETY 2.0. Lecture by Cees Donkers (Netherlands)


19.06.2015, 18:30-20:00 Friday

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Free admission

Program: [Contemporary art and contemporary society]

Gorod 22
Netherlands Consulate-General in St. Petersburg
PRO ARTE Foundation
National Centre for Contemporary Arts, North-Western Branch



June 19, 2015 at 18:30


Lecture by Cees Donkers (Netherlands)

In 1968 there was a cultural revolution in Europe. A radical social change in society showed new ways of urban life. Nowadays a cultural EVOLUTION is going on again in all parts of the world. Global questions about warming, nature, sustainability, education, food, health and more are on the agenda. A new generation is preparing a new society and uses the City as a LABORATORY for URBAN RESEARCH.

Cees Donkers is the Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, Eindhoven, Netherlands, founder of the Architectural Centre of Eindhoven (Netherlands). He took part in the number of large-scale projects, such as Masterplan of former Philips sites, Masterplan of the Smalle Haven (in collaboration with Jo Coenen), 4Apostolen Kerk and others. Since 2005 Cees Donkers has been organising the Dutch Design Week.

Lecture is a part of the Architecture and Urbanism programme conducted by the Netherlands Consulate-General in St. Petersburg and the Netherlands Institute in St. Petersburg.


Venue: Lecture Hall of the PRO ARTE Foundation (Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg)

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