Art Residence: Roger Palmer (UK)


15.03 - 31.03.2015

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Program: [Art residence]

From March 15 to March 31, 2015 a British artist Roger Palmer will be working at the NCCA Art residence in Kronstadt.

Roger Palmer is Professor of Fine Art at the University of Leeds. Since the early 1970s, Roger Palmer’s work has been shown in Europe, North America, Africa and New Zealand. Palmer’s works are in the collections of Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Tate Gallery, London; South African National Gallery, Cape Town; The British Council, London; National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford; Arts Council of England, London; Scottish Arts Council, Edinburgh and others. Artist's website:

"In Kronstadt I plan to work with black and white photography. Each day I will wander Kotlin Island, observing its maritime boundaries, its buildings and infrastructure, and ways in which residents and visitors negotiate city and island spaces. By responding to changing light and weather conditions of late winter, I hope to make a series of photographs that reflects on a small, strategic island community that figured prominently in the 1917 Revolution and its aftermath.

One hundred years after the emergence of Suprematism and Malevich’s radical contribution to the 0.10 Exhibition in Petrograd, I will consider the lasting significance of Suprematist painting and its influence on subsequent developments in European art. Through analogue photography, I expect to give particular consideration to the white areas of Malevich’s paintings and how these represent ideas of infinite space."


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