Art Residence: Ilya Dolgov (Voronezh)


12.01 - 12.01.2015

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Program: [Art residence]

From January 12 to 31, 2015 artist Ilya Dolgov (Voronezh, Russia) worked on the project "Forest Journal" at the NCCA Art residence in Kronstadt.

Artist Ilya Dolgov was born in Voronezh, where he lives and works at present. Graduate of the Voronezh State University and the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow). Ilya Dolgov is a co-founder of Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) where he curates educational program. Winner of Innovation VIII Prize in the Regional Project of Contemporary Art category with his project Herbarium (2012). Participant of the Program in Support of Young Russian Artists run by Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. Website:

“Since 2014 I've been occupied by a long-term project – an artistic study of nature, called Forest Journal. The journal is published on the website and will be eventually transformed into a book. Forest Journal is an attempt to take two steps back in exploring the world around us and try to survey it anew. I use an old-fashioned approach that of a natural philosopher, a dedicated, self-trained naturalist. Each edition is devoted to a single topic and consists of texts, photos, videos, timeline of natural “events” and other materials.

Kronstadt residence for me is a chance to collect a lot of new materials and observations for the journal. Wintry Finnish Gulf provided me with something totally new (90% of the Forest Journal had been made in the Black Earth Region), suggesting new questions, new experience, and new vision. During my month in the residence I’m planning not only to collect materials, but complete the next edition of my journal based on the newest observations and experiences. This edition will be the major outcome of my stay in Kronstadt.

An important incentive for me to apply for the residence was the fact that Lebyazhye settlement and wildlife sanctuary is located near Kronstadt– the settlement is closely connected with the name of Vitaly Bianki, a popular author, who wrote books about nature and created a famous Forest Newspaper which clearly served as an inspiration”.

January 26, 2015 the artist gave a lecture on contemporary art in Voronezh and told about his own artistic practices at the Lyuda gallery:

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