The Other Capital. Contemporary Art of St Petersburg Today


14.10 - 14.11.2014

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Program: [Contemporary art and contemporary society]

National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA),the North Western Branch

Museum of Moscow

Anna Nova Art Gallery


October 14 - November 14, 2014

"The Other Capital. Contemporary Art of St Petersburg Today"


Address: The Museum of Moscow (Moscow, Zubovsky bulvar, 2)

Opening: October 14, 7 p.m.

Curators: Eugenia Kikodze and Olesya Turkina

“The Other Capital” is an exhibition exploring the contemporary art scene of St.Petersburg that opens on October, 14 at the Museum of Moscow in Proviantskie Warehouses. The exhibition explores the way contemporary artists in St. Petersburg see their own city and reflect upon its cultural heritage through dialogue and rivalry with Moscow.

Works by 68 contemporary artists from St. Petersburg selected by two curators - Eugenia Kikodze from Moscow and Olesya Turkina from St.Petersburg - include paintings, installations, art objects, photographs and pieces of multimedia-art. The conception of this exhibition is to assemble works by prominent St.Petersburg artists and create an alternative metaphorical city-plan. All the participants of this exhibition are contemporary artists from St. Petersburg who belong to different generations of informal underground artists and represent a number of important art-movements since the 1960s and up till present.

The exhibit displays paintings by Ivan Sotnikov and Vladimir Shinkarev (members of "The Mitki" art group), video-installations by Marina Alexeeva, naive art paintings by Olga and Alexander Florensky, an installation by Vladimir Kozin, paintings by Evgeny Yufit, Oleg Kotelnikov, Alexander Morozov and Alexander Dashevsky, objects by Pavel Brat, Stas Bags and Peter Belyi, embroidery by Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, a media- installation by Dimitri Lurie along with works by Valeria Nibiru, Ivan Plusch and many others.

“The best way to explore the differences and particularities of St. Petersburg's contemporary art-scene is through comparison with Moscow's art landscape - says the exhibition's co-curator Eugenia Kikodze. - The contrast adds depth and precision to the description of art trends”. “This exhibition metaphorically reconstructs the urban space, the city's avenues, streets and courtyards and follows the steps of those, who inherited St. Petersburg's myths, fantasies and many shadows of its past ”, - says the other co-curator Olesya Turkina.

The catalogue "The Other Capital" containing articles on the history of St.Peterburg's art-scene written by curators and participants of the exhibition was published by the opening of the exhibition.


Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, Yury Alexandrov, Marina Alexeeva, Nadya Anfalova, Pavel Arsenyev,  Stas Bags, Peter Belyi, Ludmila Belova, Pavel Brat, Alexander Dashevsky, Sergey Denisov, Irina Drozd, Marina Fedorova, Olga Florenskaya, Alexander Florensky, Ilya Gaponov, Masha Godovannaya, Andrey Gorbunov, Ivan Govorkov, Valery Grikovsky, Ilya Grishaev, Elena Gubanova, Denis Ichitovkin, Viktoria Ilyushkina, Daniil Kaminker, Dmitry Kaminker, Vadzim Kamisarau, Boris Kazakov, Anton Khlabov, Oleg Kotelnikov, Kirill Koteshov, Vladimir Kozin, Vlad Kulkov, Vladimir Kustov, Viktor Kuznetsov, Dimitri Lurie, Kirill Makarov, Oleg Maslov, Alexander Menus, Alexander Morozov, Semyon Motolyanets, Valeria Nibiru, Yury Nikiforov, Igor Panin, Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya ('Glucklya'), Dmitry Petukhov, Ivan Plusch, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Kerim Ragimov, Andrei Rudyev, Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva, Inal Savchenkov, Masha Sha, Vladimir Shinkarev, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, Dmitry Shorin, Yury Shtapakov,  Petr Shvetsov, Ivan Sotnikov, Maxim Svishev, Alena Tereshko, Olga Tobreluts, Ivan Tuzov, Dmitry Vilensky, Evgeny Yufit, Grigory Yuschenko, Gennady Zubkov


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